Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bubble Bearded Bath Time

Praise Him!
MAy 21, 2011 Ainsley in the hospital in Ethiopia.

June 29th Ainsley at home one month.

July 8th Update- We have been home a month and a week and God has poured out so much blessing on us. "Little E"- Ainsley Edil is walking and gaining weight. She is smiling and learning to talk. "Big E"- Titus Eyob is over flowing with huge smiles and "Mommy, I lub you!" I wish you could see them in the hospital and orphanage and see them now. (So I put those pictures up.) I wish you could see the impact of a loving, gospel saturated, super imperfect family has on these children. Praise Jesus for all He has done for us!
We have had so many sweet moments. Titus really gets that this is home and we love him. He feels that he is ours and we are his. Most of the time his face is lit up with a huge amazing smile. He is taking it all in and loving it. I am not going to lie. There are 2 year old, "I am not getting exactly what I want fits", but God has given us enough wisdom to know how good it is to not always get exactly what you want. Right? In a family with 6 kids you will be mercifully blessed to learn how to share, be patient and forgive. I think he loves that too. He will.  hehe. 
I love watching him experience all of his first time doing things. I am pretty sure he had never seen a slide before. We only saw one park in all of Addis. It was outside the Hilton. His orphanage did not have play equipment or really any toys. When we were at the US Embassy, I took him to a little slide they had while we were waiting. At first he wasn't sure but then he just kept going on it over and over and over. I wish you could see the look on his face when he tried ice cream for the first time or when I brought home new pajamas for him and Jude. He is almost beside himself with elation. He giggles and puts his over his mouth and just smiles. He did not have anything of his own at the orphanage. He loves play grounds, play lands, bicycles, bubbles, and balls. When we drive up to the park he says, "Thank you, mommy. Thank you, mommy." He probably knows 200 English words and is soaking it in like a sponge. He is so energetic, fun, playful, eager, and opinionated. We don't know how you could be a Brown without being persistent and opinionated. 
Ainsley Edil is our little "Ediloukia." (My little Edil in Amharic.) She was crawling after me when we had been home a week. Daddy plays PT with her and had her walking while holding his hands at a week and a half. I went away to a wonderful shower for me hosted by my amazing friends. (They had people donate money en lieu of gifts and raised $1800 for 147 million orphans. Praise Him!) When I came home from the shower she was walking while holding hands. The next week she began to walk more and more on her own. She is a full-fledged walker now. Except for when she is tired or hungry, which is a lot. Then she wants me to hold her. She is gaining weight! Thank you God! We think 3-4 pounds so far. She still has stridor, a tightening in her airway and a bad rash on her head. Please pray for healing for those.
I love to see her smile. In the hospital the orphanage director jokingly said she would give some one 200 Birr if they could make her laugh. Only her brother and some silly- throwing antics by Daddy made her smile then. Now she is smiling and happy so often. She has amazing eyelashes that reach her eyebrows. She is beautiful. She too tells us her opinion loudly. hehe. She can say, "Daddy, Ma, Hi and Bye." She goes up to random people to get food if they have something that looks good to eat especially goldfish. She loves bath time, at first she was not so sure. I loved watching her learn to splash. They get so excited and then the water gets all in their face. Kennedy and I make the bath tub full of bubbles and then put the bubbles on our faces for beards. We laugh and laugh about it. Ainsley loves to play peek a boo with the towel while drying off and always tries to get back in the tub. So much sweetness. It is hard and God is sanctifying us. I am pushed way beyond my ability or desire to endure, but we are thankful that He is changing us. I want to be more fun, patient, Christ-dependent, joyful, fervent in prayer and loving than before. Please pray that for  our family.
I am working on a blog I really want to write about the kids’ orphanage. I really want to tell the story of those orphans. I want to ask you to pray about adopting or fostering a child. 
God, please raise up more families to take your precious orphans for the sake of your glory. 

Jesus is the All-Satisfying Treasure!