Monday, May 23, 2011

Team Brown is heading home!

(This is Shannon filling in)

Praise the Lord!  The U.S. embassy approved both of the kids' visas and Team Brown is headed to the airport!  They will be getting into Houston tomorrow morning around 10 a.m.  Jay and Ashley have requested that everyone who is willing to come to the airport to welcome them back home.  So come and celebrate with them!
Flight info is as follows:
They will be coming in from Dubai via Emirates flight EK213.   They will arrive into Houston Intercontinental Airport tomorrow morning (Tuesday) at 10am in Terminal E.

Will let you know if there are any other updates.  Thanks for all of your prayers!  Thank you Lord for finding favor on the Browns.  Please continue to pray for Jay, Ashley, Big E and Little E as they travel back home.  And hope to see you at the airport tomorrow.


  1. wow! We are rejoicing with you! What amazing testimony to the power of our God! We can't wait to meet your new little ones!

  2. I am so excitied for you all! We are all blessed by reading your posts, praying for you and as Morello said, rejoicing with you! We will continue to lift you up, sweet friends.