Friday, May 27, 2011

We're home!

We're home!

The person who said after 3 kids it's not any harder to have more never actually had more. I'd say having six kids is pretty hard. We're so thankful our in-laws offered to stay a couple extra days to help us get the house running.  They took off two weeks of work to serve and help. Trust me - this was no vacation in the Caribbean. They have worked so hard to help us. 

Our Little E has been diagnosed with stridor, which is a tightening of the airway in her throat. It causes a terrible whistling sound when she breathes.  The doctors believe that it is being caused by an infection and will not require surgery to correct. She is being treated with steroids. Her other problem and the root of all the past problems is her severe malnutrition and protein deficiency. Our doctors believe she was was malnourished for a long time and that it will take probably 6 months for her to begin to catch up to her age. She is about 13 pounds and 20 months old.  She is home now. Our doctors at Texas Children's were a bit divided on releasing her but thought we could feed and medicate her at home. She has been isolated in hospital rooms for 8 weeks so we think it will be good for her to be in an environment where she is pushed to move and play. She is completely immobile currently.    

Big E is loving the attention and fun of the house. Ethan, Kennedy, Braden and Jude have done so well at loving and sharing with him. They have made his transition so much easier. Although he is quickly learning English, he mostly just does what they do. Their obedience has been a huge help.  We are working on the fits of a two year old who has had no parental oversight. I really hurt for him and the loss he has experienced in his life. He seems surprised that I hug and pursue him in his fits.  It seems like he is accustom to crying in loneliness. Tonight, we read about how Solomon prayed for wisdom when he became king. I desperately need wisdom about how to guide, lead and discipline him. I am reminded that there is a path that leads to destruction and I have a huge responsibility to help him see and avoid that path. Our Father both loves and disciplines His children and I pray that I will be a wise, good and serious father like Him.  

We are thankful to be home. We were not prepared to bring them home this early but we are so grateful for His work to do so.  It has been a difficult couple of weeks. We have been stretched more than ever before. I'm thankful for my wife who is so willing to do the difficult for His glory. On next Tuesday, four adults and six kids will become 1 adult and six kids during the day. My wife will love and care for them excellently.  Proverbs 31:10 "An excellent wife who can find?  She is far more precious than jewels.". 

Please pray for wisdom and strength for us in loving our children.  Please pray that Little E eats and continues to gain weight.  


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  1. Sweet Brown family,
    I am friends with Emily Skaggs and have been reading here and there your story as my time allows. I am so excited and heartbroken at the same time for these new sweeties you have added to your life. I am a major "lactivist" and the Lord has given me a huge burden for sick babies in need of milk! I am praying and taking steps to see if/how I can help. Praying for you all!
    Praying blessings, energy and courage for your task at hand,
    Emily Woods